Jess Cochrane

Jessica Cochrane is a Visual Artist from Canberra currently based and practicing in Sydney, Australia. Her work is a reflection upon the relationship between society and the consumption of Pop Culture.

Through painterly application over photographic images she shows a clear focus on contradictory aspects surrounding beauty and feminine standards. Often working in large scale murals , the power within Cochrane's work is undeniable. 

Sha'an d'Anthes

Sha’an d’Anthes is an illustrator and exhibiting artist from Sydney, Australia.

Sha’an’s obsession with making began in her childhood. Prior to receiving her Bachelor Degree in Visual Art and Design, this passion manifested as art-making and commercial freelance illustration during her adolescent years. In 2011 Sha’an began creating under the pseudonym Furry Little Peach, which she’s since grown into a brand that has garnered hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide.

Joanna Frank

Joanna Frank is a Sydney based artist/designer born in Chennai, India. Her collages are a series of visual experiments. Each collage is created in a dynamic moment, re-purposing a variety of imagery ranging from personal photos to music video screen shots to religious imagery. Through both intention and chance these various sources are assembled to create new narratives.


Georgia Hill

Georgia Hill is an illustrator and artist, specialising in bold monochromatic hand drawn type and texture based artwork.

Georgia works across all mediums and applications from the largest walls to branding and print graphics. She specialises in creating her beautifully dark and detailed work in the most unexpected forms and under challenging circumstances.

Thomas Jackson

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Thomas Jackson's detailed works range from large scale murals to painstakingly created smaller scale works for exhibitions & galleries.

Reconstructing his inspirations from classic studies of entomology, dilapidated man-made structures & the everyday imagery of life, Thomas strives show the beauty of man's ability to use the resources he has at his disposal for his desired structures, dwellings & working environments. He creates a rich world of illustrative detail in his paintings, where animals, plants and man made elements intertwine in surreal scenes.

Stellar Leuna

Stellar Leuna is a Sydney based artist/illustrator born in Kowloon, Hong Kong. 

Drawing inspiration from comics legends like Daniel Clowes and Charles Burns, Stellar creates bold monocromatic scenes that depict a nocturnal worlds of 'romantic satanism', a world where witches, demons and teenage girls co-exist. Her works feature a heavy emphasis on storytelling, often featuring small filmic scenes that lack context, forcing the viewer to place the scene in a larger narrative that will often be more revealing of the viewer than the artist herself. 


Scott Marsh

Scott Marsh is an Artist based out of Sydney, Australia. Spending his formative years exploring and painting throughout Sydney’s rail network, the language of graffiti is deeply personal to Scott and the foundation of his style and practice. He is known for using a mixture of enamels, acrylics and aerosol to explore the growing cross over between graffiti and traditional art. Exploring themes of popular culture and the cult of the celebrity, Scott’s work incorporates traditional methods and elements found in impressionist paintings and executing them with the scale and techniques associated with graffiti.

Martina Martian

Martina Martian is an illustrator and designer, sought out for her recognisable flair, bold use of colour, and 80s and 90s inspired looks. 

Her work often explores feminism and empowerment, working across a diverse range of mediums from digital to textiles, live art and print. Alongside her commercial work, Martina is an accomplished exhibiting artist and curator, showing in Sydney, Melbourne, Europe, and beyond. 

Chris Yee

Chris Yee is a Sydney based artist/illustrator who specialises in traditional “pen and paper” methodologies.

Chris draws his main influences from 90’s post-apocalyptic manga, rap and punk aesthetics, along with the style of comic book royalty such as Todd Macfarlane and Jack Kirby. Chris uses this imagery to construct narrative ranging from the humorous to the monstrous and macabre.


Maddy Young

Maddy Young is an artist, designer and illustrator born in Brisbane,  currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

Maddy's works combine a love for the natural world with a continuous exploration of complex feelings and themes of femininity, often developed through delicate line work illustrations. These combine disconnected objects, imagery and lettering, drawing the viewer into an unclear and peculiar narrative, where their own experiences and feelings are reflected in the negative space of her work.